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Project objectives:  incorporating the main stakeholders of the industry while at the same time considering the high levels of impartiality, ensuring short- and long-term training goals for participants, evaluating present and forecasted market needs, and all this for both MDR and IVDR (in vitro diagnostic medical devices).
Respectively these initiatives project will improve technical knowledge at the NBs allowing new technologies to be adapted quickly with fewer delays in the approval process and will ensure that there is greater opportunity and visibility for a career path for staff to transit from industry to NBs, providing strong professional pathways for industry candidates to meet the entry requirements for NB’s.
This will result in industry and NB reducing time on technical and clinical assessments and NBs can stay ahead of the curve when it comes to a pipeline of human resources.
The project will have a great impact on NBs, CABs, market operators, healthcare professionals, and their patients in a sustainable and controlled manner.

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