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Project management and coordination

Project’s activities and outcomes coordination


Supporting the development of the personnel of NBs and third parties

Designing 3-5 days CV-friendly courses, identifying future need topics, and creating a Notified Body Dedicated Job Board


Capacity Building of the Market Operators

NB and Market Operators Needs Analysis, short-term training for individuals in or being recruited into NBs, long-term course development, accreditation and delivery, and evaluation with a focus on continuous improvement


Demand and Supply Analysis

Creating a global digital storage platform to capture industry stakeholders' needs, analyzing trends with relevant industry samples, assessing certification demand for medical devices/IVDs, establishing a global network of intermediaries, and enabling NBs to access trends and showcase their availability


Matchmaking the Demand with Supply

Landscaping and surveys of Life Science stakeholders, improving market operators' access to NB through defining future needs and matching with appropriate certification status, and publishing a white paper on stakeholders' needs and capacity


Communication and Dissemination

Developing the visual identity of the NoBoCap project and increasing visibility through promotional materials and activities at various events