April 5, 2024

Short Course on Training for C-level Management of MO’s on MDR/IVDR Implementation and Resource Allocation

Are you ready to navigate the complex world of EU Regulations in the Medical Device Industry?

Join us for an exclusive Short Course designed for C-level management professionals!

Here’s a glimpse into what awaits you in our upcoming sessions:

17 May 2024 – Face to Face Session – How to successfully market your MedTech product to the European highly regulatory landscape nowadays? Learn the art of successfully marketing your MedTech product in today’s highly regulatory European landscape. Gain insights into regulatory requirements, aligning your regulatory strategy with business plans, and essential steps for product development, quality management system and technical documentation development.

24 May 2024 – Webinar – Which investments are needed to bridge the “regulatory valley of death” in Europe? Discover the investments necessary to bridge the “regulatory valley of death” in Europe. Understand resource requirements, tools for efficient quality management system and product lifecycle program, and budget alignment strategies with your business plan.

31 May 2024 – Webinar – How to select your Notified Body for your innovative MedTech product? Master the selection of a Notified Body for your innovative MedTech product. Learn about specific requirements, differences in MDR/IVDR codes, and building productive relationships to facilitate pre-market and post-market assessment reviews.

7 June 2024 – Webinar – How to develop and implement an effective quality management system and qualitative technical documentation? Develop and implement an effective quality management system and technical documentation. Learn project management essentials, pitfalls to avoid, and insights from SGS, a Notified Body, on application expectations.

14 June 2024 – Webinar – How to learn from a best practice case of a start-up company that invests at the right time? Explore best practices through a startup case study on investment timing. Gain key insights into investment considerations and apply them practically to your projects.

21 June 2024 – Face to Face Session – Exchange the challenges, opportunities, and experiences within the highly regulated European landscape? Engage in an interactive exchange on challenges and opportunities within the European regulatory landscape. Share experiences, learnings, and strategies to market your product efficiently.

Equip yourself with the knowledge and strategies to excel in the highly regulated European market and secure your spot now by registering HERE: https://forms.office.com/e/93PczZSs3P 

We kindly ask you to complete the registration form with attention to detail and to read the disclaimer to ensure seamless enrollment in our upcoming short course!

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